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DAWG Officers 2015
Michael Leath, President
Eldon Irving, Vice-President
Catherine Tucker, Secretary/Treasurer
Patsy Summey, Immediate Past President/DAWG Workshop Chair
Alan Elliott, Webmaster
Mary Sue Tiffin, Director
Jan Johnson, Directo

Officers & Board

Meets 2nd Tuesday each month at 7:00pm
Meetings are open to all writers who want to improve writing skills.
Meet other writers and get published. There is no charge to attend.
Location -- Cedar Hill Library (Zula Bryant Wylie Library)
225 Cedar Street, Cedar Hill, Texas
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See you in 2015!

First meeing in 2015 will be Tuesday, January 13 at 7pm -- more information soon... See you there. A list of 2015 speakers will appear soon...

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(pay dues on-line)

Writing Opportunities

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